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Comprehensive Care Plans

In Alberta, pharmacists can create and implement comprehensive patient care plans. These care plans are individualized to each patient based on their specific health needs.

The care plan may include various services, such as medication management, disease state management, and health promotion. Pharmacists work with other health care professionals, such as physicians and nurses, to ensure that the care plan is coordinated and meets the patient’s needs.

Ogden Pharmacy performers comprehensive care plans to better manage the different patients' conditions in a clear and efficient way.

Pharmacists can create care plans because they have expertise in medication and disease states. They can assess patients’ health needs and develop individualized, evidence-based care plans.

The care plan is a living document updated as the patient’s needs change. The care plan aims to optimize the patient’s health and well-being.

As a pharmacy in Calgary authorized to provide such plans, Ogden Pharmacy provides and oversees comprehensive care plans. Those plans are covered by your Alberta Health Care Card and could be done based on the patient’s inquiry, need and request.

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