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Medical Clinics in Calgary, Alberta (3-star and above Google rating )

Ogden Pharmacy at Lynnwood, Ogden, Calgary, has curated a list of medical clinics in the surrounding communities to make things easy for you. The list is in no special order. We are not affiliated with any of those medical clinics.

Ogden Pharmacy also curated very important real-time Google Trends charts for the important diseases and symptoms that our Calgary communities are looking and searching for through the internet. You can take a quick look to get some useful insights about those diseases and symptoms.

To help our patients and ensure they receive the best medical care, Ogden Pharmacy will only list the medical clinics in Calgary that have a minimum of a 3-star Google rating.

Medical Clinics in Ogden, Calgary (including Lynnwood and Millican-Estates) Community:

1- Ogden Medical Clinic

This is an excellent medical clinic with a 4.2 Google rating. It has an exceptional medical and administrative staff.

They are a family physician practice; their services also include walk-ins, men’s health, women’s health, child & newborn’s health, minor surgeries, WCB, and driver’s medical.

Address: #60, 7740 18 St SE, Calgary, AB T2C 2N5

2- Lynnwood Medical Clinic

Another fantastic medical clinic with a 4.3 Google rating. It also has an excellent and caring medical administrative staff.

The clinic is a family medicine practice, in addition to counselling, which Alberta Health Services covers.

Address: 6622 20a St SE, Calgary, AB T2C 0R3

Medical Clinics in Riverbend, Calgary Community:

1- Riverbend Medical Clinic

Very good medical clinic with a 3.9 Google rating. It has many medical staff in different fields.

Their services include pediatrics, psychology services, health nurse, medical exams, cancer screening, a travel clinic, WCB services, diabetic treatments, out-of-province and foreign medicals, driver’s medicals, IUD clinic, BOTOX clinic, minor surgery, complex care & home solu9iton, and primary care.

Address: 8338 18 St SE #216, Calgary, AB T2C 4E4

2- The Good Samaritan Clinic

Nice medical clinic (dedicated to seniors) with a superb 5 Google rating.

Address: 200 Rivercrest Drive SE #116, Calgary, AB T2C 2X5

3- Oasis Medical Centre

Very good medical clinic with an excellent 4.8 Google rating. They have family physicians, prenatal visits and many other services.

Address: 200 Rivercrest Drive SE, Calgary, AB T2C 2X5

Medical Clinics in Quarry Park, Calgary Community:

Most doctors in the Quarry Park Community are specialists, not family doctors.

1- Wilson Scott F MD Neurology

A neurology doctor specialist with a 3.6 Google rating.

Address: 109 Quarry Park Blvd, Calgary, AB T2C 3E7

2- Providence Pediatric Cardiology Clinic

A pediatric cardiology specialists clinic with a superb 5 Google rating. That clinic has many medical cardiac tests, including echocardiography, electrocardiogram, Holter monitor, and treadmill test.

Address: 109 Quarry Park Blvd #120, Calgary, AB T2C 5E7

3 – EFW Radiology – Quarry Park Maternal Fetal Medicine

This location is not a family physician clinic but a complete and comprehensive diagnostic imaging services centre in Calgary, AB. They have many services such as Bone Mineral Densitometry, Echocardiogram, General ultrasound, MRI, Mammography, Pain Management, Nuclear Medicine and Cardiology, and many other services.

Sometimes, after the patient gets the medical imaging, a doctor will sit down and quickly go through the initial results. This, of course, doesn’t rule out the family doctor visit. It is just a very quick explanation of the results. A good example is high-risk pregnant women who get their follow-up ultrasound.

They have a 3-star rating on Google.

Address: SE, 109 Quarry Park Blvd Suite 130, Calgary, AB T2C 5E7

Medical Clinics in Douglas Glen and Douglasdale, Calgary Communities:

1 – Pristine Health Clinic

This clinic has a wide variety of specialties such as family medicine, pediatrics, skin clinic, allergy testing, lumps and bumps, hair loss, procedural pain clinic, and other fields.

This clinic has two locations: one in the northeast and the other in the southeast quadrants of Calgary, AB.

The clinic has a 3.1 and 3.3 Google rating for the northeast and the southeast, respectively.

The address of the northeast location is: 109 – 3223 5 Avenue NE, Calgary, AB T2A 6E9

The address of the southeast location is: 108 – 11420 27th Street SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 3R6

2 – Douglas Square Medical Centre

This family physician centre is located in Douglas Square Shopping Centre. It has a 4-star Google rating.

Address: 11520 24 St SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 3E9

3 – Douglaswood Family Medicine & Walk In Centre

Douglaswood family medicine & walk-in centre is a family physician clinic located in Douglasview Centre Shopping Mall. Their services include work-related injuries, child health care, prenatal care up to 20 weeks, medical notes and forms, insurance medical, IUD clinic, PAP clinic and other services.

The centre has a 3.4-star Google rating.

Address: 20 Douglas Woods Dr. SE #4, Calgary, AB T2Z 1K2

Medical Clinics in Erin Woods, Calgary:

1 – Carewell Medical Clinic

Carewell Medical Clinic is a family physician practice. However, it has many other specialties such as physical exams (e.g. driver medical exams, periodic medical exams, mini-mental exams, etc.), obstetrics/prenatal care, men’s health, internal medicine, weight loss & nutrition, etc.

The clinic has a 3.2-star Google rating.

Address: 3571 52 St SE, Calgary, AB T2B 3R3

Medical Clinics in Forest Lawn – Forest Heights, Calgary:

1 – Forest Hills Medical Clinic

A family physician practice with expertise in family medicine, women’s health, diabetes, and hypertension.

The clinic has a 4-star Google rating.

Address: 5315 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0W2

2 – Wellcare Medical Clinic- Family and Walk-in clinic

A family physician practice that is located in Towne Square Shopping Centre.

The clinic has a 3.6-star Google rating.

Address: 4909 17 Ave SE Unit 116, Calgary, AB T2A 0V5

3 – NuCARE Medical

A family physician practice which provides multiple services, including chronic pain management, botox, sick notes, pre-employment medical exams, online virtual visits, driver medical, WCB services, and others.

The clinic has a 4.1-star Google rating.

Address: 4302 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0T4

Medical Clinics in Radisson Heights, Calgary:

1 – Eastside Medical Clinic & Pharmacy

In addition to being a family medicine practice, the clinic also offers other services, including physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, and massage.

The clinic has a 4.8-star Google rating.

Address: 3466 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0R4

Medical Clinics in Fairview, Calgary

1 – Deerfoot Meadows Medical Clinic

The clinic has been a Medical clinic for over 12 years, supporting the community and patients of central and south Calgary, with family doctors and extended hours.

The clinic has a 3.3-star Google rating and is located in a Walmart Supercentre.

Address: 7640 Fairmount Dr. SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0X9

Facebook page:

2 – Fairmount Medical Clinic

The clinic has a family physician’s practice and also several other services, including behavioural health, patient care coordination, chronic diseases management, integrated homecare coordination, after-hour clinic, seniors care, a social worker, and a 24-hour blood pressure monitor.

They are not a walk-in clinic.

The clinic has a 5-star Google rating.

Address: 7811 Fairmount Dr. SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0X8

3 – Shifa Medical Clinic Ltd

The clinic is a family medicine practice and has other services and specialties, including child health, complete physical examination, injections, minor procedures, women’s health, lacerations & cuts, WCB, travel medicine, driver’s medical, flu vaccines, clinical privileges, and geriatrics (seniors’ health).

The clinic has a 3.3-star Google rating and is located on Floor 1 at the Heritage Professional Centre.

Address: 109- 8180 Macleod Trail South, Calgary, AB T2H 2B8

4 – Medicentres Family Care Clinics (has multiple locations)

In addition to the family physician practice, the clinic has other services such as chiropractic, gynecologist, internal medicine, mental health, minor procedures, occupational health, orthopedics, podiatrist, prenatal, pediatrician, aviation medicals, and driver’s medicals.

At this location, the clinic has a 3.1-star Google rating.

Address: 8180 Macleod Trail #110, Calgary, AB T2H 2B8