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Free Health Tools

Ogden Pharmacy aims to improve the health of Ogden (Lynnwood and Millican Estates), Riverbend, and all surrounding Calgary communities using all means available.

We designed (and will keep making more!) free online health tools through our website to help everyone to stay healthy and fit.

Free Online Tools

These tools include several free, easy-to-use online health calculators that estimate optimum body and diet parameters such as ideal weight, optimum calorie intake, and your current body fat percentage using available tools that any home may have.

Free Online Tools Ogden Pharmacy

Google Health / Disease Trends in Alberta

Ogden Pharmacy curated some health charts from Google Trends regarding Alberta’s different searches for health issues.

Google Trends can give good and reliable indications about prevalent diseases and ailments in Alberta and our communities.

Those trends include google searches about common ailments and diseases such as sore throat, shortness of breath, cough, etc.