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Free Blister Packs (or Compliance Packaging) by Ogden Pharmacy

Do you sometimes forget to take one or two or more of your medicines and don’t know what to do?

This article about our free blister packs is for you!

Benefits of free blister packs:

– They are an excellent and FREE medication adherence technique!

Ogden Pharmacy can increase your convenience and medication adherence by packaging your medications in a nice-looking and organized plastic blister pack (compliance packaging) specially prepared for you for FREE!

A blister pack is a packaging commonly used for small consumer goods, foods, and pharmaceuticals. It consists of a formed plastic sheet backed with paperboard or foil. The plastic sheet is usually transparent so that the contents of the package can be seen. The paperboard or foil backing provides rigidity and protects the contents from moisture and oxygen.

Our pharmacist will fill your free blister packs by medicine type, time of administration (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner, or bedtime), and day of the week (maybe there are skip days or medications that must not be taken at a specific time or day).

Blister packs will enable the patient to achieve:

  • No missed doses throughout the day or the week
  • An easy way for on-the-go people to take their medicines with them
  • Taking multiple medicines without errors
  • Consistency in medication administration for people with weak memory or dementia problems

The patient will also achieve maximum adherence results if he/she uses our free prescription delivery, an excellent service that can deliver even one prescription to our patients.

Our free delivery service could also be used to deliver over-the-counter medications if the OTC is combined with at least one prescription.

Free Blister Packs (or Compliance Packaging) by Ogden Pharmacy

– Blister packs prevent wrong medication mixing

Sometimes a drug-to-drug interaction could happen if the patient takes multiple medications simultaneously. Blister packs help to prevent this kind of interaction. The pharmacist will ensure that no drug is grouped in the same slot within the blister pack as another drug that could induce an unwanted interaction.

– Blister packs decrease the possibility of running out of your medications

If all your medications are packaged similarly to the photo above, it will be clear when your prescriptions are due for a refill.

But if your pills and capsules are put in regular packaging bottles and vials used in pharmacies, it will be a daunting task to check every bottle to ensure that you have enough medicine until the following week.

Switch to Ogden Pharmacy to have your medications in blister packs for FREE