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ProdYOU (for hosts)

As Ogden Pharmacy moves forward with the “ProdYOU sellers” initiative to enable residents of our Calgary communities to get a free retail space to showcase at our store (with the possibility of earning some money), our pharmacy also decided to proceed with another important “Part 2” of the ProdYOU initiative.

ProdYOU initiative will be much stronger and more helpful if you, as a physical retail store business owner, participate with Ogden Pharmacy in hosting the products of your Calgary community at your store.

Although Ogden Pharmacy hopes that other physical stores or businesses do not collect any direct profit margin from the residents of their communities, it is ok that you may ask to include a selling margin.

The selling margin could be between 1 and 10 % of the selling price of the ProdYOU product UPON SELLING THE PRODUCT, NOT BEFOREHAND. However, community residents may choose another physical store offering less or zero margins.

Nobody could know. But maybe this initiative will be the next big venture in Calgary!

ProdYou initiative logo (Ogden Pharmacy)
ProdYOU Initiative

Since we have limited shelf space, Ogden Pharmacy will begin this venture with our beloved Ogden community in Calgary, AB, and our neighbouring communities: Riverbend, Acadia, Fairview, Willow Park, Dover, Forest Lawn, Quarry Park, Douglasdale and Douglas Glen.

Other physical stores in other communities can participate in ProdYOU by enrolling in ProdYOU hosts (the application form is down) to start accepting the products of their communities and their surrounding communities.

Benefits you will get if you apply to be a host to showcase the products of your communities at your physical store:

  • You will become an active and caring business member of your community, which will increase your brand awareness among the members of your community and the surrounding communities.
  • You will utilize any free retail space and increase your product portfolio for FREE.
  • You may get the selling margin upon selling the ProdYOU product.
  • Your community members may frequent your store and buy from your products.
  • You will get free digital marketing of your physical store (if your business core doesn’t conflict with the healthcare mission of Ogden Pharmacy):
    • You will be listed on our website.
    • Ogden Pharmacy may write a blog post about your business to increase its visibility.
    • You could be listed on our social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    • Since ProdYOU is a new initiative, it may get coverage from famous press and TV channels like CBC, CTV News, CBC Calgary, CBC Radio, and more!


  • You should have an operational physical retail store accessible by the public and already running.
  • You have available shelf space for the ProdYOU prospective products.
  • You agree to collect the product price and remit it to the ProdYOU seller.
  • You agree to accept ProdYOU returns for two weeks.

Filling out the form below means that you wholly agree to all our terms and conditions of the ProdYOU initiative.