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The Pulse of Public Health in Calgary, Ogden, and Riverbend Calgary (June 26, 2023)

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Quick news

  1. The Dawn of the Calgary Cancer Centre: Rising like a phoenix, the newly constructed Calgary Cancer Centre found a home under the wings of Alberta Health Services, marking a landmark achievement in local healthcare.
  2. Alberta Children’s Hospital’s Battle with Overcrowding: In a struggle against swelling patient numbers, the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary erected a heated trailer to shelter the overflow. The hospital, alongside Edmonton’s Stollery, found themselves grappling with capacity strains of 100% or more.
  3. The Vanguard of Diagnostic Excellence: The Alberta Centre for Advanced Diagnostics at the University of Calgary stands poised to catapult the city into the global arena in the crusade for superior diagnostic technology.
  4. Shadow of Hepatitis B: A specter loomed over a private midwifery provider when a potential Hepatitis B exposure came to light. The blemish at the Calgary Midwives Collective was unearthed by Alberta Health Services during a routine inspection, which was ironically instigated by a public masking complaint.
  5. The Long Wait in Emergency Rooms: A disheartening trend has emerged in Calgary’s emergency departments. Recent data paints a bleak picture of escalating wait times, reflecting a healthcare system stretched thin over the past two years.
  6. New Diagnostic Arsenal: Calgary’s medical practitioners are set to wield a formidable new weapon in their fight against lethal diseases like cancer, courtesy of an $18 million cyclotron and accompanying facility.
  7. Expansion of Emergency Room Facilities: Calgary’s PLC hospital is gearing up for a major revamp. The emergency department is on the brink of a massive expansion, with an increase of 1,500 square meters slated to include state-of-the-art triage and trauma areas, and a conveniently positioned ambulance drop-off area.
  8. Tuberculosis Scare: A wave of anxiety swept through a Calgary high school when it was revealed that approximately 200 individuals could have been exposed to tuberculosis.


  1. Affordable Housing Triumphs: Despite some community resistance, a proposal for an affordable housing unit in the heart of Ogden found favour with Calgary’s councillors. This development could be a game changer for the social determinants of health in the area.
  2. A Mother’s Return: In a heartwarming turn of events, the mother of a newborn who was left alone in Ogden was located and is now enveloped in the necessary support system.


  1. A Canine Rescue: In the midst of chaos and fire, a furry resident of Riverbend was rescued from a house fire, shining a spotlight on the importance of fire safety in the community.
  2. The Drug Underworld: The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams made a shocking discovery in Calgary, seizing a horde of meth, fentanyl, and cocaine valued over $300,000. The presence of these potent substances paints a grim picture of the health risks shadowing the community.
  3. Shots in the Dark: A chilling investigation into a fatal shooting in Riverbend led to the recovery of the suspected firearms. This incident underscores the lurking threats to public safety and peace of mind in the community.
  4. The Landfill Controversy: An acrid dispute has bubbled up between businesses, residents of Riverbend, and the Ecco Waste recycling plant over the proposed expansion of a local landfill. This growing unease hints at the potential environmental health challenges that could taint the area.
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