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From drooling to crankiness: A parent’s guide to teething.

From drooling to crankiness A parents guide to teething Ogden Pharmacy e1652904296646

From the time they’re born, babies start teething. This process of cutting teeth can be painful and frustrating for both baby and parent. Here is a guide to help you get through it.

Many babies begin teething at the mark of 6 months old, but some can start earlier (as early as 3 months). The first teeth to come in are usually the two bottom front teeth, followed by the two top front teeth. This process can take several years, with the back molars being the last to come in.

The most common symptom of teething is fussiness. Your baby may be more cranky than usual and have trouble sleeping. They may also drool more than usual and put everything in their mouth to try to relieve the pain.

Teething can be painful for babies (Ogden Pharmacy)

If your baby is teething, there are a few things you can do to help them feel better:

Give them something to chew on. A cold, wet cloth or a frozen teething ring can help numb the pain. Just make sure whatever you give them is safe and won’t break easily.

Massage their gums. Gently rub your finger over your baby’s gums to help relieve the pain.

Keep them hydrated. Make sure your baby is getting enough to drink since teething can cause them to drool more and lose fluids.

Give them Tylenol or Motrin if they’re in a lot of pain. You can ask your doctor what they recommend.

Tylenol Infants may help in soothing the teething process (Ogden Pharmacy)

You can contact the pharmacist at Ogden Pharmacy (Calgary, AB) at 587-391-9878 to ask about teething and possible over-the-counter medications to soothe it.

Teething can be tough on both baby and parent, but it’s only temporary. Soon enough, your little one will have a full set of teeth, and you can all get back to normal!

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